fireseed is about transformation – the idea that design has the potential not only to create powerful effects in the market but to positively influence organisational culture and play a role in processes of change.

With more than 20 years' experience creating symbol systems and supporting-materials for individuals and organisations and masters degrees in cultural studies and education/social ecology, including community engagement and leading for change, I am uniquely placed to help you.

My approach is collaborative and seeks to create for you the ingredients of a unique and inspiring communication style which is also an effective expression of your organisation's culture and values. At its best this is a circular and perpetual process in which the act of bringing out your story not only galvanises your audience, but also enlivens your team.

Let's talk.

I am a skilful listener.
I can find clarity in complexity.
I value originality.

And I can help you tell your story.

alessandra wollaston